Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Due to my users request via email, i m posting this trick step by step.

1)For This just connect the pc with mobile office setting via pc suite.

2) Now Open your moZila firefox and
go to
option >network>setting> and click advance setting and proxy tab click no proxy to manual proxy and fill in proxy server '' Port type 80 and now save it.

3)  now quit fierfox and again open it.
Now in url tab enter  this  http://0.facebook.com/cgi-bin/cgiproxy/nph-proxy.pl/o10000/http/google.com
and press enter .

4)Now you done. Use free.  If you wana other site open then just replacegoogle.com
with your WebSite. And open it.

For downloading in "Idm" go to proxy tab and fill given ip
and port and download unlimIted file .without limitation. Use balance below 30 paisa.

If You Have Any question, query , problem , suggestion , or better trick then Please comment Below.

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