Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Luxand Blink Pro: Login To Your PC Using Face Recognition System

Do you get bored to select your username and then enter a password to every time you login? Not in old versions of windows but also in newly Windows 7. Why has there not been a built-in Windows feature to change the way of users login to Windows? Here you need Luxand Blink! Pro.

 Every new version of Windows brings improvements over its previous versions like interface, desktop customization, handling files, or security but why the Welcome Screen and the way users login still unchanged. Don't worry we've an alternative to traditional Windows login which known as Luxand Blink. It provides its users with a different way i.e. through facial recognition to login to Windows.

Luxand Blink starts running after the computer starts up but before it has logged on to any account. We can then look into the webcam and have our face recognized by the application. It uses its advance image recognition algorithms to recognize our face. Such is the competence of this application, that whether the lighting is different or our hair are different, Luxand Blink will still recognize our face and log us in.

 Blink! Pro makes logging into Windows happen in a blink of an eye. Just look into a webcam, and Blink! Pro will identify your face and let you in instantly. It has never been easier! Blink! Pro employs advanced biometric identification technologies to ensure secure near-instantaneous authentication.

Adaptive Face Identification: Blink! Pro comes equipped with identification techniques that adapt to varying lighting conditions, and can tolerate a wide range of changes in the appearance of a person. Tungsten and fluorescent lighting, makeup and new haircuts, beards and moustaches, glasses and contacts are among the many things that are easily tolerated.

Secure Authentication: Biometric user authentication is considered more secure than old-fashioned logins and passwords. While passwords of reasonably secure length are hard to remember and end up on yellow sticky notes, face-based biometric authentication is nearly infallible. In addition to the added security of biometric login, Blink! Pro offers corporate users the ability to record who logs into Windows and when, regardless of whether password-based or biometric authentication has been used. Each record is accompanied by a webcam snapshot, allowing combating identity theft and identifying compromised Windows accounts. In addition, Blink! Pro offers the ability to continuously monitor whether the registered user or anybody at all is present in front of a PC, locking access if nobody is there for a defined period of time.

More Is Coming: Blink! Pro is an innovative product undergoing constant development and development. More features are coming in the near future, including the ability to register multiple faces for sharing a single Windows account, and support for completely unobtrusive background operation.


Supported OS: Windows Vista and 7.

Free Download Link for Luxand Blink! Pro 2.3: (16 MB)

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