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10 Fantastic Windows 7 Tips & Tricks(For Better Functionality)

10 Fantastic Windows 7 Tips & Tricks(For Better Functionality)

1.PC Safeguard

I rarely let anyone use my
PC because I’m afraid he will mess it up, but it seems Microsoft has been thinking at me and came with a solution. The PC Safeguard doesn ’t let anyone mess your PC
settings, because after the user logs off, the
configurations are reset
back to normal. Of course it will not restore the configurations changed by you, but only the ones
done by other users you

To use PC Safeguard, go to Control Panel -> User
Accounts and create a new
account, then select “Set Up Pc Safeguard ” and switch it on. Then you can stay
relaxed when others use
your computer, because
you won ’t find anything changed, including
downloaded software,
installed programs.

2. Screen Calibration Fortunately

, Windows 7
comes with a display
calibration wizard that lets
you set up the screen
brightness properly, so
you won ’t have any problems viewing photos
or text. The problem was
that on one PC a photo
could look sharp and
bright and on another it
looks awful. Now the problem can be fixed by
pressing the Windows logo
key and then typing

3. AppLocker

If you are usually sharing
your computer with
someone else, then you
might want to restrict their
access to your applications,
files or documents. Using the Windows 7 AppLocker
tool, you have a few
options to do this by
blocking other users to
access Executables,
Windows Installers, Scripts, a specific publisher or path. You can simply do this by
pressing the Windows key
then typing Gpedit.msc.
Then go to Computer
Configuration -> Windows
Settings -> Security Settings -> Application Control
Policies -> AppLocker.
Right click on one of the
options (Executables,
Installers, or Script) and
create a new rule. That should save you from a lot
of headaches.

4. Burn Images

We all had trouble with
image burning in Windows,
because it couldn ’t do it itself, a standalone
software being needed.
With Windows 7 this will
not be a problem anymore.
All you have to do is
double-click the ISO image and burn it on the CD or
DVD that ’s inserted in the drive.

5. Display Empty

Removable Drives Windows 7 will not showempty drives by default, so
if you connect an empty
drive to your PC, don ’t worry, just go to 
Tools ->Folder Options -> View and
uncheck “Hide empty drives in the computer
folder ”. This doesn ’t seem like a good idea and it
should not be default
setting, because it will be
hard for inexperienced
users to figure it out. I bet a lot of users will return their newly bought drive
thinking it ’s broken. 

6. Dock The Current

To The Left Side
Of The Screen This new feature seems
useful because sometimes
it’s disturbing that windows seems to float
like crazy on the screen
and it’s hard to attach them to one side of it. Now this
can easily be done using a keyboard shortcut. Press
the Windows key + Left
key (arrow) to dock it to
the left side of the screen. 6.1 Dock The Current
Windows To The Right Side
Of The Screen Press the Windows key +
Right key to dock it to the
right side of the screen.

7. Display Or Hide

Explorer Preview Panel Press ALT + P to hide it then
once again to display it. 

8. Display Gadgets On Top

Of Other Windows Press ALT + G

9. Background Photo Slideshow

If you are like me, lazy and
bored, then you will want
to change the background
from time to time, wasting
a lot of time. Now you
don’t have to do this anymore, because you can
set up a slideshow. Right click on the desktop
then go to Personalize ->
Desktop Background and
hold the CTRL key while
choosing the images. Then
you can choose the time intervals between imagesand opt to display them randomly or in a row.

10. Make The Taskbar Smaller

If you feel like the taskbar
is using too much of your
screen space, you can
choose to make the icons
smaller. To do this, right-
click on the Start button, then go to Properties ->
Taskbar and set it to “Use small icons"

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