Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tips For Wireless Network Hacking

Tips For Wireless Network Hacking

hello friends,

here i will came with a small hack trick,

  1. First of all you need to locate the wireless network to which you wish to connect. Information about the hardware used such as brand and type of router should be identified by the network. To get this information you have to right click on the name of network and then select “Network Properties” from the given options. Note down this information. Wireless networks can also be detected by using the software programs like Netstumbler and Kismet. 
  2. Now attempt to get login by giving the default username and password like admin/admin or admin/password. If this does not work then try the default login information programmed by the manufacturer in the hardware. You can get this information from the resources section.
  3. If above methods fail then Aircracks software package will be very useful so you need to arrange the software. Four different utilities are there in this software that you need for wireless network hacking.
  4. Now collect data packets that network sends using Airodump. You can get the initialization vector by analyzing several packets. Continue collecting these packets to get address resolution protocol periodically sent by system to check whether the connection is still online. This protocol contains the encryption key that is used to access the system.
  5. Now scan these packets with Aircrack utility to capture ARP packet with encryption key. Decryption of packet contents can be done with Airdecap program and you can also gain access to the wireless network with its help.

By Kaila Piyush

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