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How to Receive Instant Free Mail to SMS Alert on Mobile When Got New EMail

You can't check every time for a new mail arrive on your mail account inbox. The limitation of gprs or internet plans, insufficient time or any other reason which limit you to check your mail time to time or continue. Here a simple way to get mail alerts on mobile for your Yahoo, Gmail or any other accounts. It'll send you a SMS alert when you have a new mail in your inbox and save your valuable time for checking webmail inbox.

Don't miss important mails just because you're away from the PC. Get SMS alerts on your mobile phone as and when the new Mail arrives. You'll receive alerts when you want them. You can link your existing Yahoo, Gmail and other email accounts and get instant Free SMS alerts for your Yahoo, Gmail accounts too.Here some free services makes it possible. It delivers an alert on your mobile whenever an email hits your gmail or yahoo inbox. You can link your other mail accounts too. Here we have two best site for this, 1st it Way2SMS and 2nd is Site2SMS.

~Full Control of Uour Mobile Inboxes: ...Receive alerts for only emails that you want and when you want them. Avoid unwanted mail alerts for Spam, Promotional email Ids. You can enter those email ids, you wish NOT TO RECEIVE alerts on your mobile. Now you can receive alerts for your Gmail account too. All you have to do is Just link your Gmail account with your Way2SMS account. Way2sms mail alerts works only for mail accounts with forwarding facility. In order to get mail alerts, you have to forward a copy of your mail to way2sms mail account. Also, Way2SMS doesn't display your forwarded mails any where on

Remember Yahoo account mail forwarding sends all your emails to forwarded mail account .Yahoo does not store a copy of forwarding mail. So, if you forward your yahoo mails directly to way2sms, you cannot access your mails either on yahoo or on way2sms. However you can still get mail alerts for your yahoo account by forwarding your yahoo mails first to Gmail or any other mail with forward facility and than forward to way2sms.

How to Set-up Way2SMS or Site2SMS Accounts to Get Free SMS Alert for Your Mails:
First you need to register at or if you already have an account just login. After login you need to click on "Mail Alerts" option at top in case of Way2SMS. And "Email2Sms Alerts" option in case of Site2SMS.
1. Way2SMS: After this you'll see mail alert page and option like in image below in case of Way2SMS:
Now click on "Click Here to Activate" option to setup it. In time settings select the preferred days and time to  receiving mail alerts via SMS. Now click on Continue, and than click on Activate. Now it'll activated for next 14days. After 14days you need to reschedule it.
On next page you'll see the Forwarding Settings. Here click on "Link Your Gmail account with Way2SMS mail and receive Free Email alerts on your Mobile". And note your Way2SMS mail ID, its like: Now you can use this mail Id to get free SMS alert when got an email on your mail inbox. See next stop below.

2. Site2SMS: At Email2Sms Alerts page you can activate the service and also set the Mail Alert Preferences. You can set the time settings for receiving the mails. Than just note your Site2Sms email id, its like: 919412635507@Site2Sms.Net. Now you can use this mail Id to get free SMS alert when got an email on your mail inbox. See next stop below.

How to Set-up Gmail Account with Free SMS Alert From Way2SMS or Site2SMS:
~Logon to your Gmail account
~Click on Settings & then click on 'FORWARDING/POP/IMAP' option
~Select 'Forward a copy of incoming mail to" option & Enter your Way2SMS or Site2SMS Email ID which you'll got when register at Way2SMS or Site2SMS, its like:
~Gmail will sends a verification code to
~You can check confirmation code at Way2SMS setting page or You will receive gmail confirmation mail alert on your mobile register with Way2SMS with subject line containing confirmation code.
~Enter the verification code in Gmail verification box. Click On Verfy.
~Finished. You will now receive alerts for every incoming mail that arrives in your gmail id.
~You can filter alerts by choosing which emails you want to alert, and when you want to receive them.

How to Set-up Yahoo Mail Account with Free SMS Alert From Way2SMS or Site2SMS:
~Logon to your Yahoo mail account
~Click on Options  & then click on 'Mail Options'
~Select 'POP & Forwarding" option & then Click on 'Setup or Edit POP & Forwarding' link.
~Choose 'Forwarding' option & Enter your Gmail id or any other mail id with Forward facility.
~Go to your forwarded account, Forward mails to ""
~Done. You will receive alerts for your mail account.

How to Set-up Other Mail Accounts with Free SMS Alert From Way2SMS or Site2SMS:
~All you have to do is Just forward a copy of your mail to your Way2SMS or Site2SMS Mail Id like:". That's it.
~Your Mail account may send Verification code to
~Check your SMS received on your registered mobile.
~You will now receive alerts for every mail that arrives in your company mail inbox.

Now you are free from checking your mail accounts every time to see if a new mail arrived or not. Just got free SMS alert for every new mail you receive in your web mail account. And same time you can also enjoy free SMS servicefrom above mention sites i.e. Way2SMS or Site2SMS.

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