Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trick to Have Backup of all Google Services

We all use many Google services likeGmail, Picasa, Adsense, Google+ etc and what will happen if someone hack into your Google Account or Google for any reason block your Account.You will loose access to all of your confidential data like contacts, images, messages etc.Using this trick you can backup data from all or any specific (like picasa only)  Google services. Also read How to have Backup of your Facebook Account.

Trick to Have Backup of all Google Services:-
  • Login to your Google (Gmail) Account.
  • Click on the Account (Your Profile Picture) and then Account Setting.

  • Select Data Liberation from your Left window Pane.

  • If you want Backup of all services then click on Download your Databutton and follow the steps.

  • If you want to have Backup of any individual service then... you can alsoselect only that service for Backup.
This trick can also be very helpful if you want to access your data (contacts, messages, images ) while you are offline
By Kaila Piyush
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