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Give Windows 8 Look to Your Windows 7 Explorer with Ribbon UI BExplorer : Download Windowas 8 theme For windows 7 complete transformation pack

 BExplorer or Better Explorer is a free software for Windows 7 which features Windows 8 style Ribbon UI. The upcoming Windows 8 features Microsoft Office 2010 style Ribbon UI in Windows Explorer and BExplorer is an alternative to default Windows Explorer with same UI.

BExplorer is a replacement of standard windows explorer with more features for more convenient work! BExplorer support Tabs, additional toolbars and so on. The Ribbon UI is very helpful to accessing all necessary menus easily and more quickly. With Tab feature you can open different tabs, same as you do in web browser.

This Project is designed for use with Windows 7 but it should also work with Vista and this is in alpha mod now.

The main goals of this project are:
- Adding tab functionality together with use of standard explorer browser control
- Adding additional toolbars with more features like:
- Changing Library icons
- File operation with files and folders
- Synchronized command promt
- Change of folder icons
- Extended Jump list support (Windows 7)
- Double panel explorer
- Extended search like extended search pane in Vista (Windows 7)
- Glassy view

Download Link for Better Explorer 2.0:
Better_Explorer_2.0.0.531_Alpha.exe (16.73 MB)

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