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Top 9 Apps For Galaxy s3

Samsung Galaxy S3 has launched already with various smart features and specs.
 Here we give you some best Samsung Galaxy S3 apps that we find and get good reviews that are useful and will add to your enjoyment. Only having a smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S3 is not enough but having a smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S3 with all the latest apps is worth.So check these applications and became a smart user.

1. Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager
We create many files while using a smartphone and if we want to search a particular file then it becomes pretty hard for us, so here is an app among Samsung Galaxy S3 apps that is Astro File Manager which will help you to manage these files and organize them in better way.

2. Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus
Norton antivirus is the best app among the other security related Samsung Galaxy S3 apps because it will save your device from all types of malwares and will not slow down its speed that is you can work with the same speed on your Android phone. You have many private data saved in your handset so it is necessary to save it from hackers and spammers and this app is the best for it.

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3. Instagram

Instagram is again a popular app in Samsung Galaxy S3 apps (which now has been acquired by Facebook) to share pictures in the best way. It is a free Samsung Galaxy S3 application and everybody can use it. You yourself can choose the best filtered effect for your Samsung Galaxy S3, capture moments with 8MP camera of your handset and share them in a photo stream with all. You can also follow other’s photos and can have great fun using this application. It’s time to use the smart features of your Samsung Galaxy S3 camera.

4. Osmos HD

Osmos HD
It is among the favorite games that the Android users want to play on their smartphones, and Samsung Galaxy S3 with its large screen and high quality display will be best for it so you are advised to try it out in just $2.99.

5. Kindle Reader

Kindle Reader
If you like to read then this Samsung Galaxy S3 application will definitely help you, since Samsung Galaxy S3 has high quality display with large screen so suits best for e-book reader. With this Samsung Galaxy S3 application you are able to purchase e-books from Amazon and can download them after purchasing and read them at any time.

6. Spotify

It is a free Samsung Galaxy S3 application which will cache songs to your handset so that you can listen the songs while you are offline with the best sound quality.

Samsung Galaxy S3 app 7: Minecraft

If you like to play games then you already know how interesting is to play the Minecraft game, here is an pocket edition for you to play the game with your Samsung Galaxy S3 with all  the same features, so try it out at once. You may get it at cost of $6.68.

8. Scalado Album

Scalado Album
If you are using your 8MP camera at its best then you will get many pictures in your gallery and it will become hard to sort them so here is an app among Samsung Galaxy S3 apps for you that will sort your picture gallery as you want, by month, by place or anything else.

9. Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space
Here comes another best Samsung Galaxy S3 application; playing angry birds space on a wide screen with high resolution will give you mind numbing fun, try it out yourself and verify our words. You can get it free of cost.
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