Monday, August 29, 2011

Transform Windows 7 to Apple Mac(Snow Leopard)

Theme Windows 7 to Apple Mac(Snow Leopard)
If you are tired of watching the same look and feel of Windows 7, or you envyMac OS X Snow Leopard for X reasons, it’s try to change the UI and transform the Experience.
We’ve already shown you in the past How you can Transform Windows 7 XP Vista to Mac OS X Leopard. Now lets go little further to match look and feel of Snow Leopard on your windows 7, Vista.

Snow Transformation Pack will change the appearance of your whole system, including the login screen, icons, wallpapers, sounds, dock, dialog boxes, and other UI elements.

STP even skins Internet Explorer to look a bit like Safari, and the familiar OS X style dock is included as well — based on RK Launcher. There’s even a stacks docklet included.


Make sure you disable User Account Control to install it. On installing, you’ll get a few choices as to whether you want to install a few extra background apps that add extra graphics, which is nice if your computer doesnt have enough horsepower.
Download here....

Download Snow Transformation Pack

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